About Us

We are “Frambuk”

Frambuk Stores is a crucial part of Frambuk International Ventures, a Nigerian based business that services the world in general through the production, sales and distribution of general merchandise which includes home use items, dried food products and healthy diet & diet blogging.

How We Started:

We Started business back in 2007 with the small scale production and sales of cosmetic products such as our Frambuk Coconut oil and skin smoothing mix.

We afterward, diversified into food production and supplies of products such as Frambuk Plantain Flour, Frambuk Poundo Cocoyam, Frambuk Cocoyam Soup Thickener, Frambuk Beans Flour, Frambuk Potato Flour etc).

We currently maintain a collection of supply chains that span Africa, also selling through retail stores all over the globe.

We Welcome You!

We are glad to serve you on this front and we hope that you will be satisfied with all that we offer you.

We also hope to have you patronize us on more items as we go!

You are Welcome to the good life!

Thank you for being a crucial part of our success story!